by The Merry Men Group

Hitting the ground running!

Good news: we found a great location.

Bad news: the lease starts on 1 July, giving us a little more than a month to get everything up and running.

That means we have about 40 days to…

  • Decide on a name!!!
  • Decide on the design / layout
  • Find a contractor
  • Source for furnishing
  • Decide on the menu
  • Hire staff
  • Train staff
  • find out many many other things we probably didn’t think of in our initial to-do list…

In a way, it’s a relief to finally get cracking on a project that we’ve been dreaming about for so long. There have been many long nights spent throwing ideas around, debating, planning, and just stressing out as to whether this is the right move. Finally, we’re doing it! Here we go!

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