by The Merry Men Group

What’s in a name?

Thanks to awesome friends who have been generous with their time and contacts, we’ve found a contractor! Based on their previous work and our initial discussions, these guys seem to know what we want. There’re still a few minor kinks to be worked out in order for the place to turn out as we’ve envisioned, but for now, it’s all OK and progressing as planned.

The biggest problem so far is the name…Who ever thought that naming a business would be so difficult?!

Everyone’s thrown up many ideas, ranging from the more generic (e.g. ‘Warehouse‘; ‘Brick‘; ‘Loft‘) to the wacky. Some winners include:

  • Coolie’s (which the guys loved)
  • Mojo’s (but who wants to be associated with a monkey who regularly gets beaten by 3 girls?!)
  • Sault (French for waterfalls / rapids)
  • S.A.L.T. (don’t ask us what it stands for)
  • 10 Minutes By Boat (from where?!)
  • Opposite from Miramar (which was later revised to become the more factually accurate: ‘Opposite from Miramar but to the left a bit’)

Clearly, creative brainstorming isn’t one of our fortes.

After many weeks of debate, we finally decided on Kitchen + Bar by the Merry Men. Slightly long, but captures what we are. Now to design a logo…

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