by The Merry Men Group


Things got off to a rocky start. The contractor’s quote was much higher than we budgeted. The red brick Eugene has been so excited about seems to be unfeasible. Our layout plans were scuppered after ALLLL the experts we spoke to were adamantly against our plans.

Fortunately, we managed to resolve things, so far. Eugene was his resourceful self and managed to bargain down the contractor (hopefully this won’t bite us in the ass later). We realized gray brick is not only cheaper, but also fits into the whole urban aesthetic quite nicely–score! We managed to design a new layout that works, squeezing in enough seats while retaining our aesthetic–phew!

So we’ve started renovating! It’s amazing how quickly things have been progressing.

Our little (grey) brick kitchen is completed–now to fill it up with kitchen equipment!

Next up would be the bar, the piece that Eugene’s most fussy about. Hopefully the design that looks so stunning in our minds translates into a great bar in reality!

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