by The Merry Men Group

Furniture shopping!

Now that the big parts are mostly settled, we need to fill the place up! An empty F&B venue probably won’t draw customers…

So we’re in Bangkok sourcing for furniture. Bangkok offers an amazing variety of designs and styles at very competitive prices, which is perfect for us since we’re aiming for an eclectic European vibe. There are also beautifully decorated F&B venues that we’ve been having fun exploring for inspiration. Some highlights include Blue Velvet, a medieval-themed restaurant+bar that serves interesting dishes, and Eat Me, a stylishly elegant hole-in-the-wall restaurant and art gallery with a carefully curated menu.

The only issue is shipping the stuff back to Singapore, within our budget constraints and time constraints. With about 2 weeks to our scheduled soft-launch, we’re running out of time!

Fortunately, friends have come to the rescue again, with great contacts for both furniture manufacturers / retailers, as well as logistics companies. Our hotel, Sukhothai Hotel, has also been amazing. The concierges have been patiently calling up furniture retailers and logistics companies to find out addresses, opening times, prices… Basically doing all the legwork that would have been near-impossible to do for non-Thai speakers. And they managed to find us some amazing deals! WHEE!

We have 2 days to buy all our chairs, tables, and art pieces, which means lots of shopping, with some fine dining and partying thrown in to celebrate a successful trip (fingers crossed). Can’t wait!

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