by The Merry Men Group

Bangkok Dangerous!

Not really.

Shopping in Bangkok has been an adventure!

First, we checked out a vintage furniture warehouse, owned by some relatives of a friend of a friend.

The place was straight out of a horror movie. Three floors of densely packed shelves after shelves of furniture, with random life-sized action hero figurines and creepy mannequins and baby dolls around every corner.

We had a lot of fun running around exploring and taking photos.

We found lots of gorgeous pieces, but the prices were ridic! Cheaper than Singapore, but way above our budget.

Our next few stops were equally unsuccessful: gorgeous furniture, but too expensive.

Even JJ was a washout. Didn’t manage to find anything that suited our aesthetic. Though the food was yum!

We even checked out this street in Chinatown. Who would have thought such a bustling market was hidden in the back alleys of Chinatown?! It was literally a human traffic jam.

Of course, this being Bangkok, they managed to squeeze food stalls along the narrow alley, making it that much hotter!

But still, no success in furniture-hunting, though plenty of success in food-hunting!

Had noodles at Victory Monument–awful to know that just a week later, a bomb went off here. 😦 What’s happening in Bangkok is tragic.

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