by The Merry Men Group

Finally, a lucky break

After checking out every lead we were given over the weekend, by Sunday afternoon, we were ready to give up.We managed to find exactly what we wanted at half the prices we would pay in Singapore, but everything was still way too expensive.

As a last ditch attempt, we decided to check out Crystal Design Centre, a huge fancyschmanzy furniture mall in the outskirts of Bangkok, that boasted a Who’s Who list of up and coming Thai furniture designers. We were just visiting for inspiration since most of the stores were way beyond our budget.

But we managed to find furniture!

Thanks to Eugene’s smooth-talking, we bargained the prices down even further, and bought enough for our entire outdoor section!

Arranging the shipping to Singapore was another headache. We placed the order on Sunday night and it had to be sandpapered down and loaded onto our container by Thursday afternoon!

We insisted on making the 1 hour drive down to the lady’s workshop on Tuesday evening after work to literally see and count every piece of our order before paying using our credit card. We just needed to make sure her workshop existed!

We found another friend of a friend who agreed to be a translator and follow me around the whole of Thursday, as we drove from the centre of Bangkok to the warehouse on the outskirts, and counted and loaded every piece of furniture onto the truck we rented…

and then followed the truck to the shipyard…

where we counted and loaded every piece of furniture into our container.

Stayed until we completed the paperwork and witnessed them locking our container!

So we have furniture!!! Here’s hoping it looks as nice as we thought it would when it arrives at 86 Robertson Quay…

Now we’re treating ourselves to a nice foot massage in the airport after a LONG sweaty day.

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