by The Merry Men Group

Fingers crossed!

Things haven’t been going our way.

We were ready to open two weekends ago–had grand plans for a national day bash, complete with BBQ and colour themed (ok, so only I was excited about that last part)!–but our liquor license has been delayed again and again. Just lots of bad luck. It was really disheartening last weekend, when the bar next to us opened, and our two competitors were filled with customers!

But fingers crossed, things should work out by mid-week, with lots of help from friends (and their lovely dads). Plus we used the time to do more renovation, adding a third airconditioner after much feedback that it was too warm inside when full.

Pity we couldn’t finish decorating the other wall, though we now have many many exciting ideas thanks to friends and their awesome suggestions! Quite fun to have a work in progress though; something to look forward to as we open. 🙂

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