by The Merry Men Group

Typical weekend afternoon

Since the idea of opening The Merry Men germinated, we’ve spent nearly every weekend (and most free evenings) working on it. Most weekends have been a whirlwind of activity, as we run around finishing errands, picking up items, meeting people.

This weekend, we had to go furniture shopping again because we’ve had so many customers that we’ve ran out of seating! It was a happy problem that unfortunately demanded a not-so-happy solution: furniture shopping at Ikea.

Ikea wasn’t ideal, but we were desperate since we needed furniture ASAP for the F1 screening. Hunting down enough pieces of suitable items was like an episode of The Amazing Race, as we dashed from section to section, testing out the furniture and then racing to reserve it before it sold out. And all within a tight time limit since we needed to set up the furniture before the crowd came in that evening!

But the true test came when we had to collect the furniture…

Patience was never the boys’ strong suit.

After a long wait, we realized Ikea couldn’t deliver it so we had to transport it ourselves… in a GTI and a Latio. It was quite the test given how much we’d bought!

At first, the guys contemplated taking turns carrying everything over, but that idea was soon nixed.

So we decided to commandeer Ikea’s shopping carts. The boys had to maneuver very full shopping carts to our cars…




While the girls manned the fort…

Whoever said a towkay’s life is easy clearly wasn’t referring to us…

Fitting everything into two cars required teamwork: Eugene doing the heavy lifting while Shawn supervised.

But there was a little disagreement about the division of labour…

We finally managed to squeeze everything in: yay for hatchbacks!

And we even managed to squeeze ourselves in, just barely.

And that’s just one of the many things we did that weekend! Running your own business basically means doing everything yourself, but that’s what the boys enjoy!

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