by The Merry Men Group

The Merry Men go abroad!

Sorry for the lack of updates, the Merry Men have been quite busy of late.

One of the Merry Men flew to London to propose…


And all the Merry Men gathered in Melbourne for a wedding! Daniel is now one of the Merry Men and a married man (yes, we heard a lot of that pun).

(Wedding photos courtesy of awesome photographer, Colin Cheng)

Travelling has been a great excuse for us to indulge in what we do best—eat, drink, and be merry! There was a lot of indulging in good food and chilling out at cool bars in the name of market research.

Lots of road tripping as we drove to Dalesford for the wedding and back

We shopped for The Merry Men—who knew decorating could be so much fun? We’ve been slowly adding more pieces to the place. Come check it out if you haven’t been recently!

Loved shopping for fresh food—wish we had something similar in Singapore, even if that would mean our waistlines expanding rapidly!

We bought a huge stash of food even though we only had 3 more days…

Super tempted to franchise this awesome cupcake store. Daniel and Kym gave these cupcakes as their wedding favours and I singlehandedly finished 3 in a sitting (and 2 more the next morning). Definitely rivals Mockingbird Bakery & Magnolia Bakery!

We revisited their favourite haunts from uni days. Being Singaporeans, most of these were restaurants.

Daniel brought us to some of the best restaurants in Melbourne—tapas at Movida was to die for!

Tried a 3-hat restaurant! Sadly, wasn’t good enough for us to remember the name.

We also hung out alot at Melbourne’s famous cafes and bars

And tried to walk off those extra calories by exploring Melbourne!

Was awesome just hanging out with the whole group. Almost full attendance!

It was great fun taking a break, especially for Eugene who’s been holding the fort most of the time. We were also almost happy to see that other businesses also run in crazy problems as evidenced by this photo:

Basically, it was pouring in Melbourne and water had collected in the awning of this rooftop bar. Unfortunately, by the time the staff spotted it, a crazy amount of water had collected and was so heavy that it was threatening to bring the awning crashing down. It was also so heavy that it took 4 people with 4 brooms and a lot of strategizing before they managed to push it off. The whole effort kept us entertained for nearly half an hour! (Though it wouldn’t have been that amusing if it did break and the water came splashing down on us…)

September and October have been incredible for us, and we can’t wait to see the rest of the year!

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