by The Merry Men Group

About Us

As an ex-ibanker, a management consultant, a lawyer and a physiotherapist, Eugene Fung, Shawn Heng, Daniel Song and Sam Ng understand the importance of good food and good drinks in helping young professionals unwind after a long day at work. They created The Merry Men’s Kitchen + Bar to cater to friends and family looking for a relaxed hangout that served simple, high quality food and alcohol at affordable prices.

The Merry Men’s Kitchen + Bar is a relaxed hangout, where everyone can feel at home, at any time of the day. You can chill out here the entire day, from late morning to the wee hours of the night, enjoying the wide selection of dishes and drinks, and the gorgeous view.

The quirky décor and furniture imported from around the world ensures The Merry Men’s Kitchen + Bar is interesting enough for you to bring a date or a client, while the casual, friendly ambience makes this a family-friendly spot. Come unwind over a bottle of Australian wine or a bucket of mini Asahis with friends, come enjoy a hearty meal with your entire family, or just come to sit by the river and enjoy the scenic view.

The Merry Men’s Kitchen + Bar aims to be the regular hangout for friends and family. This means serving unpretentious dishes made from high-quality produce to satisfy the epicures as well as offering a selection of unique Australian beers to satisfy the beer-lovers. All at affordable prices so you can visit regularly without lightening your wallet!