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Full ST article

Finally found the soft copy of our ST article. Didn’t manage to find the main article though!


The Straits Times, 10 Oct 2010

Age: All 29
What: The Merry Men, river-facing bar-restaurant serving cocktails and food
Where: 86 Robertson Quay, 01-02
Tel: 6735-9667

Opening hours: Sundays, 3pm to midnight, Mondays to Thursdays, 5pm to midnight, Fridays, 5pm to 1am, Saturdays, 3pm to 2am

Friends since their secondary school days at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), these men have seen one another grow from grubby school boys into working professionals.

Having worked for several years now, in industries ranging from banking and management consulting to law and physiotherapy, the four friends pooled their savings to start The Merry Men despite the fact that none has any experience in the food and beverage industry.

The $500,000 bar-cum-restaurant in Robertson Quay opened in August this year.

Mr Eugene Fung, who gave up his corporate finance job to oversee the day- to-day operations of the bar, says: “It was always something we had talked about when we were growing up.

“We thought that if we were going to drink somewhere, we would want to drink at a place we could call our own.”

Only two of the four partners – Mr Fung and Mr Shawn Heng, a consultant – are based in Singapore. Lawyer Daniel Song lives in Melbourne and physiotherapist Sam Ng lives in Perth.

In fact, Mr Song has not even seen the bar, let alone step foot in it.

So just as Robin Hood’s merry men depend on one another, these partners say trust is one of the most important pillars of their business.

Despite the physical distance, they discuss concepts and direction for their business over the telephone and through e-mail because “every idea matters”.

Mr Fung says they consulted other friends in the food and beverage industry before embarking on their dream.

He adds: “It has been a steep learning curve with everything from staffing to construction, but it is a very exciting one with a lot more fun times along the way.”


Straits Times Feature! (10 Oct 2010)

Second feature article!

This came as a big surprise to us. We had hoped for a ST review, but didn’t act on it because we thought we weren’t ready. So when the ST journalist called, it was a pleasant surprise. Again, big thank you to kind friends for recommending us. We’re very grateful!

Eugene and Shawn are still getting used to being interviewed–getting a decent photo took longer than the interview, and Shawn still isn’t pleased with this photo!–but hopefully, they’ll get more experience. 😉 It’s strange to be referred to as ‘entrepreneurs’ and no, we didn’t spend half a million dollars setting up The Merry Men!

For now, all we have is a snapshot, but scanned copy will be coming soon!

Business Times Review! (4 Sept 2010)

Our first review! Even though we haven’t even officially launched. Very grateful for supportive friends who’ve been eagerly spreading the word and dragging other friends down–THANK YOU!